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About Us

With all of the traditional static advertising avenues surrounding us today, many do not realize the availability and benefits of motorsports marketing. BlankHood.com links businesses and individuals to professional racing by providing desktop, mobile, and on-track advertising opportunities to market their products and/or services. The BlankHood.com team can help you build an advertising package that keeps your budget in mind and gets your company or organization the nationwide exposure it deserves.


Our Internet advertising business was created by Texas software developer and racer, Ryan Lynch. Combining his understanding of an ever changing technology driven society and the awareness of tight marketing budgets, his vision became clear: To create a unique opportunity to reach consumers by offering affordable advertising options to everyone and connecting them together through BlankHood.com. From the living room to the grandstands, BlankHood.com's group advertising concept will use the latest mobile device technology and advertising links to allow race fans to access your business or organization.